TextFleet Pricing

(Plans of all sizes for text messaging/SMS campaigns)

Plan 1,000


  • 1,000 SMS/month
  • 1 Keywords
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Plan 2,000


  • 2,000 SMS/month
  • 3 Keywords
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Plan 3,500


  • 3,500 SMS/month
  • 5 Keywords
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Plan 5,750


  • 5,750 SMS/month
  • 8 Keywords
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Pricing FAQ

What are Lists?

A list contains a group of customers that have opted into receiving messages. A list allows you to easily organize different campaigns or businesses. A keyword must be directed at a list and a list may have multiple keywords.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword allows people to opt into your list. To do so, they must text the keyword to 71441. It is very simple to do. A keyword is attachable to a list, which makes it easy to change keywords or add multiple keywords to a list.

How are SMS messages counted?

Each text message sent to a phone number counts as one text.

What happens if I go over the SMS limit?

Getting any kind of overage charge can be scary, but goods news! We don't let it happen. We will alert you if you don't have enough texts left for the billing period to send your message. To counter this, you can upgrade your plan or wait till the next billing period.

Am I bound to my plan?

No. We do not have any contracts or hidden fees. At any time you may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan. When upgradding, you are charged for the new plan immediately and your billing cycle restarts. You may downgrade anytime free of charge.

I have more questions

We are happy to answer your questions. To contact us, feel free to use our form, chat widget, or simply email us.

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