How does SMS Marketing work?

SMS Marketing can be cut down into 3 simple steps.

1.) Choose a keyword.

Once you lease a keyword, you can add it to a list. A keyword is unique to your business/organization and is what people text to the number of 71441 to join your list.

An auto response can be setup, so when someone texts your keyword to 71441 they will get a welcome message.

2.) Grow your list.

Once someone texts your keyword to 71441, they will be automatically added to your SMS marketing list.

To help you grow your list we give you tools like a Flyer Generator, QR Code Generator, linked shortener, and more! Need help thinking of marketing schemes? We are here to help, just contact us with information pertaining to your organization.

3.) Send Messages

Whenever business is slow or you want to get word out, you can simply send text messages, coupons, links, and more to your list's subscribers.

Text Messages are the best way to get a hold of anyone. You can send out information you know that is going to be read within minutes.

Get your messages read 97% of the time